Friday, January 7, 2011



  1. Hey Nigel,

    Cool that you have an audio clip on your site around the same time The Sartorialist has his video clip posted on his. You both deserve all the recognition you get!

    You touch on so much more than style. There is a permanent record of culture in your respective cities and others. There also seems to be a definite respect for that record too...?

    With a myriad of style blogs online yours and 'that other guy's' have essences all their own.

    True, inspiring and engaging. They are more than just the people just as the people in them are more than just the two dimensions of a posted shot.

    Congratulations all around!

  2. jdit: Thanks so much for the fantastic compliment! For you to even mention me on the same level as The Sartorialist is extremely flattering. I'm glad that you are aware of my efforts to capture the spirit of Torontonians and our city -- not just focus on fashion labels.

    It's been quite a challenge to consistently find great street style and personalities -- especially now that the weather's getting colder. Interestingly, the city streets have been bombarded by a sea of black, which has immensely hampered my quest for colour.

    Rest assured, I'm committed to offering my followers original concepts and stories.

    Thanks again, jdit and have a great New Year!

    - Nigel.

  3. My pleasure.

    Don't despair about the sea of black, it goes hand in hand with hunching and and just getting through a day sometimes. All colors should accompany as part of a reciprocal package.

    Color will soon come around again. With the arrival of true winter weather comes the knowledge that true spring cannot be far off.

    Style and passion come in stride and in the stride as well as the 'hide' - best in this New Year to you too!