Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Verve Shoot: Maddox Takes "the Better Way"

I was relieved when Mayor Rob Ford denied plans to scrap Toronto streetcars in his transit policy. The thought of never seeing another streetcar in the downtown-core would be disheartening.

They're a huge part of Toronto's make up. Just peruse some of my photos and you'll more than likely see one peering in the background.

So now that the Mayor has pardoned the streetcar from its rumoured death, let's celebrate its second life by taking a ride on the Queen Street West Long Branch car with Maddox.

"Etobicoke School of the Arts really broke me out of my shell. I owe many thanks to the characters that walked those halls; THEY shaped me into what I am today. My experience there taught me to never say never and always ask why not?"

"I've also learned fashion isn't defined by its price tag, but rather the story it tells to each audience. Fashion was once known to look tall, thin, Caucasian, and expensive; nowadays its upgraded face encompases everything under the sun from raw stead and caution tape to garbage bags and hooves."

"Because Fashion in my eyes is Anything and Everything under the sun, it would be true to say I collect fashion everyday from everywhere. Fashion is evolving everyday. "Fashion waits for no one," fashion correspondent Jeanne Beker once said...I'm on board! Are you coming?"


  1. Cheers to the streetcar. The Roncesvalles 504 just started rolling again much to everyone's relief. Short-lived I'm sure.
    You must have made Maddox's day. Your blog is refreshing because, as said, style doesn't have a price tag; I see lots of real street-fashion here and I see very little evidence of name dropping.

  2. Long live the streetcar! It adds so much to the downtown landscape- you're right. Can't imagine Toronto without them!

    I love reading your blog and seeing all the stylish people you wouldn't normally see in other's street style blogs. Cheers! :)


  3. I particularly like the last in the series of pictures with Maddox stepping off next to a prominent TTC fare sign with POP in green. Pop indeed. All the orange'y red - A little Warhol?
    Who's the real Red Rocket?

  4. Red Rocket indeed! I second jdit's comment!

    Very groovy!