Monday, November 1, 2010

"I'm Ready for my Close-Up..."

It's a girl! Meet the newest member of our family. To our amazement, she was cooped up in a Stratford shelter for 5 months.

How could anyone resist her charms? We couldn't - so we introduced her to our boys, Boston and Bosley, this past weekend.

Now we need your help in naming her because we can't agree on just one.

Looking forward to your comments. We'll announce her new name on Friday.


  1. She is so adorable - and the boys...they are too in their Christmas garb.

    Gloria came to mind first, as in Swanson.

    B names.

  2. It seems as if a B name is in order but when I look at her...all I see is....SASHA!

  3. She is very cute. I am happy for you that she was still there waiting. How about Bisset as in Jacqueline Bisset...(playing on the Jack Russell theme here). Xxxx

  4. Joy is the first name that popped into my mind!

  5. melt ... what a cutie! The 3 of them together must have you howling with laughter and dog snuggles!

  6. Here are some other non-B names:
    - Juno (from The Tempest, Shakespeare-Straford connection)
    - Gemma (Gem, as in Jewel)
    - Piper (like the Pied Piper who drove all the rats away, fitting for a jack russel)

    Some B-names:
    - Becka/Becky
    - Bali
    - Brooke
    - Briar
    - Bear
    - Batwoman

    Can't wait til Friday,
    Taylor, Mitch and Matrix

  7. so cute...I have a rat terrier mix so my love for the smaller pups is huge. Lookig at her, i see a Babs or Buella...if you are looking for a B Name.

  8. I say Ginger - short for Ginger'vere like Guinevere but cuter and more fitting. She smashing!

  9. some great suggestions above! From that list, I vote for Ginger, Gemma, or Juno.

    My own list is:

    1. Kitty
    2. Foxy
    3. Lola

  10. How do you feel about Betty? At first glance that's the only name I think about.

  11. One more idea:

    Rizzo - tough talking, leather-jacket wearing, lead of the Pink Ladies from Grease. She's tough, smart, and has a way with the men - which your little lady will certainly need since she's now part of the B-Boys!

  12. The only B name that this italian can possibly suggest is BELLA !!!!

    Can't wait to meet her ... Paulette

  13. what name did you choose for your dog?