Sunday, October 2, 2011

Maggie Q Rallies for Pit Bulls

[pictured: Maggie Q & Marbles]

International action-star Maggie Q took a break from shooting Nikita yesterday to show her support at the Ontario Dogs Vote rally against breed specific laws.

Current legislation bans pit bulls (or any dog that shares similar physical characteristics) in Ontario and ignores statistical evidence that restricting the breed does not deter dog attacks.  To repeal the ban, NDP-MPP Cheri DiNovo introduced Bill 60 or Hershey's Bill.  

Coincidentally, Q recently shot a PSA for Ohio's Bill HB 14, which similarly rejects pit bull banning and felt compelled to join the local cause.

Click "play" below to hear what she had to say to the enthusiastic crowd at Queen's Park.

If you want to learn more about Hershey's Bill and protect Ontario's pit bulls, click here.


  1. This insane law must go and so must McGuinty! Hundreds of people have been persecuted based on how their dog "looks" not for how it behaves. Fair and equal treatment under the law for Ontario dog owners! Thanks Toronto Verve for this article.

  2. Maggie was wonderful! Such a nice lady. That's my boy, Bond (a former bait dog) snuggling with her in the group photo!

  3. What a wonderful story you have to offer about the need for and the potential for rehabilitating abused dogs ~ thank you for sharing your story. I only hope that this irresponsible and ignorant government hears it.

  4. Time for McGuinty to admit he was wrong or hit the road. For some reason, I prefer option two.

    Great little article, terrific pictures!