Monday, October 18, 2010

Jonas: True Colours

For a long time, Jonas felt that he needed a new style. So as a landscaping businessman, he did what made sense to him. He took the logic of Andrew Lawson's The Gardener's Book of Color and applied it to his wardrobe. The result is a captivating palette that breaks the monotony of the often somber fall look. His inspiration, Scott Schuman, would be proud.

Jonas shops often at Value Village and Theodore 1922.


  1. I love his colour and his sense of style. Very original

  2. Love it! Yes - so great to see colour when so many people resort to black & grey in the fall/winter (which is dull, drab & boring!)

  3. What a great concept. Love it.
    I also love what you've done with The Big Bop/Holiday Tavern. Beautiful