Monday, May 24, 2010

Will Craig Get the Final Rose?

Craig McKinnon will be 1 of 25 men who'll be vying for Ali Fedotowsky's love in the 6th season opener of ABC's The Bachelorette tonight. Tune in to see if Craig gets hitched or not.

EDIT: Monday, May 31st: Craig failed to get a rose from Ali in the second episode of the Bachelorette. As a result, he is no longer on the show, which is unfortunate because he certainly kept things interesting by stirring the pot.


  1. He sure is a hottie! I'd marry him....ha! Joking, just joking.

  2. Wish him all the best of luck considering it's all already happened - shame the show producer's don't seem to want to up the complexion quotient considering the true diversity of North America.

  3. Um...spoke too soon. Definitely would NOT marry him. Not that he wanted to marry me, I'm just sayin!