Editor & Photographer Nigel Hamid

Ever since I was a teenager, I was fascinated with the fashion world. Even when I couldn’t afford it, I followed it, and admired those who walked the runways showing it. It wasn’t until I was older when I learned that fashion is not always dependent on wealth. Yes, the choices are limitless when you have a lot of money, but fashion is an attitude. It’s what you dare putting on to create your identity - whether it may be a Holt Renfrew coat or an army surplus jacket, it’s still your style and how you work it will define you. It took me a long time to realize that and it took me even longer to pick up an DSLR camera to shoot street style.

Photography gives me an opportunity to express my creative ideas. And I’m not just interested in one concept either. I get bored easily. My portfolio is all over the place and I’m experimenting with even more genres.

I created TorontoVerve because I was inspired by Scott Schuman's blog The Sartorialist - a site that features fashionable people worldwide on the street.

I hope you enjoy it.

Nigel Hamid
Editor & Photographer