Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Stevie Nicks' nomadic, flowy scarves and witchy elements inspire me. I practice contemporary witchcraft and magic factors into the way I dress.

Check out Jae's Instagram to learn about his spiritual explorations. "I do a lot of stuff with ancestral work. I feel that a lot of us -- especially People of Colour and queer and trans people of colour are really disconnected with our ancestry because sometimes we have to leave our family behind in order to be who we need to be. But the homophobia and the violence and oppression towards us comes from colonization and systematic erasure. If we go back far enough in our ancestry and look at our pre-Christian cultures and traditions, we see that queerness was celebrated. And what we call queerness was considered holy and sacred. I blog about how I reconnect with that and I try to help others reconnect with that too."

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