Saturday, September 2, 2017

Laura Lace

If you're looking to add a little spark to your mundane wardrobe, then you need to head over to The Shop Til You Drop Dead Market this long weekend. 

I recently spoke to the owner and founder, Laura Lace, who shared details about her fierce style and what you'll find at the market.

"I like to incorporate fashion from different eras from the alternative scene like vintage, punk, burlesque, corsets, goth and metal. It all depends on my daily mood. I've never been into the mainstream."

"I've been collecting fashion from random places my whole life. Eventually I started selling my items and I've received a lot of great feedback from my customers. They tell me how much they love the clothes and my styling tips. I end up becoming friends with a lot of them because they're such wonderful people."

"In the street, many people walk up to me and say, "Oh my, God. I love your outfit. Where did you get that?" I'm just really passionate about my fashion and other passionate people seem to really appreciate it. Those are the kinds of people that I love collaborating with. All our vendors bring a piece of themselves into the market. There are a lot of positive vibes all around."

The Shop Til You Drop Dead Market happens tomorrow and Monday and every weekend at 10 Euclid Avenue (Queen and Euclid -- 3 blocks West of Bathurst). "This weekend, we have five new vendors who'll be selling new club and contemporary wardrobe -- sample pieces of clothing lines that you can't find anywhere, very unique jewellery, vintage clothing, movie costumes, styles from burlesque to pin-up and men's fashion. We also have CDs, shoes, boots, hats and electronics. There will even be a DJ there playing tunes all day and he will be taking requests."

For more information, contact Laura Lace on Facebook or Instagram.

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