Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Supreme Being Unit's Mindbender & Conspiracy

Meet twin brothers Addi and Khari (38). Their alter-egos, Mindbender and Conspiracy, make up the cosmic hip hop band Supreme Being Unit

Addi AKA Mindbender (right): Our music is everything in the universe. Everyone who is touched by it is part of the Supreme Being Unit — whether you love it or hate it. We’re all one entity. It’s the core of Bob Marley’s One Love idea. Without hate, there is no love. As Conspiracy and Mindbender, we’re two of the most dynamic MCs in all of hip hop history — I would humbly suggest to say. We rap about everything in the universe: science, religion, women, art, sex, sports, comedy and cartoons. There’s no subject that will not appear in a Supreme Being Unit song. Both of our minds together pretty much span the entire universe. It’s a wild statement, but if you listen to our music, I think you would agree. 

Khari AKA Conspiracy (left): Personally, I like Mindbender’s fashion. He’s got the GQ style. He’s a gentleman and has that grown up style with a little bit of a vintage and exotic flair. I’m more the original B-Boy. I wear a lot of athletic wear like hockey jerseys. I love wearing black. I was the first born, but Addi is a bit more wiser and mature than me. We’re opposites that are the same.

Addi: I want to redefine sexual culture. Not only within hip hop, but within Canadian society by being the example of living-breathing positive sexuality that I am, and by being shameless; which is why I never hide my sexuality. When I feel sexy, I let it out. I don’t hide it. I’m not breaking any laws by walking down the street with my chest out. I don’t repress myself or my fashion or my flair for being masculine one day or feminine another. I have some asexual clothing. I feel very much a man wearing vaguely effeminate clothing like really tight shirts or a male bustier. I really don’t give a f@%k. Not every man has the balls to wear what I wear. If it’s me and my spirit, then I’m cool with it. It’s not about everybody fitting into one thing.

Khari: I support Mindbender’s pro-feminine and masculine viewpoints. I think human sexuality needs to be developed and explored to divine and cosmic levels. Negativity between the two sexes and against the gay community needs to stop. It’s all about positivity. We want peace for everybody.

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