Saturday, September 6, 2014

TIFF 2014: Nadia Hilker, Star of the Supernatural/Romance "Spring"

If you like a little romance in your creepy horror, then Directors Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead's Spring is going to make you giddy.

[German Actress Nadia Hilker]

Evan (Evil Dead remake's Lou Taylor Pucci), an American backpacker, doesn't count on finding true love in southern Italy, but that's precisely what he finds when he meets Louise (Nadia Hilker), a beautiful and sultry local with a dark secret. Unbeknownst to Evan, Louise is a centuries-old monster with a taste for blood -- hardly the recipe to base a loving relationship on.

Described as a supernatural version of Before Sunrise, Benson and Moorhead's Spring is a smart and original creature of the night film that avoids the vampire, werewolf, zombie and alien clichés. As a result, audiences are forced to discard any pre-conceived notions about Louise's monster origins and instead be wonderfully transported to the directors' twisted destination.

Much of Spring's strength is drawn from the terrific chemistry between Pucci and Hilker. Screenwriter Justin Benson wisely takes his time in developing their budding romance, which effectively raises the stakes, and the film's unexpected climax is better for it.

Last night, the directors and Hilker attended the Bloor Cinema's screening and they were enthusiastically applauded by a satisfied audience. When I asked Hilker how she felt playing a hideous monster, she replied "f@%king amazing. it was so much fun." Much of the film's creepiness stemmed from Hilker freakishly contorting her body and shedding her reptilian-like skin. "I wasn't a total beauty queen," Hilker said of her onscreen appearance. "but I got used to it."

Spring's next screenings at TIFF are:

Sunday, September 7th at 7pm -- Scotiabank Theatre 4

Saturday, September 13th at 3:15pm -- Scotiabank Theatre 3

Watch the Spring trailer below.

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