Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Michelle Jobin

Michelle: "Summer is when I am in my element and when I am happiest, so I think my style reflects that. Fun, optimistic and unfussy. That doesn’t mean there is no room for sophistication in the warmer months, but it’s a time to be a little relaxed and even a bit more whimsical. I also find in the past couple of years I have been a little more drawn to prints in the summer, which I used to not love as much. Style should be something that makes you happy -- especially in the summer."

TorontoVerve: "Who inspires your fashion?"

Michelle: "So many people inspire my style. I am lucky to have friends and colleagues that are not only wonderful people, but have a strong sense of individual style. Music, film and of course travel inspire me as well. I feel like street style is such a key element of learning about the destinations I visit. I bring pieces back home with me not only because they’re unique, but to serve as memories of a trip. I picked up this hat in Spain last year, and I can’t wear it without thinking about being on the beach there. Other than that, there are a few websites like WhoWhatWear that can be pretty great for inspiration. Sidewalk Hustle is a really good Toronto-based blog for fashion, music, tech and more."

Michelle Jobin is a Weather Specialist for Global News Toronto and has been featured on TorontoVerve this past winter.

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Hat: Oysho
Top: Topshop
Shorts: Aritzia
Shoes: Heel Boy

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