Thursday, July 31, 2014


Patrick: "I'm trying to look kinda dressy and summery today. It's beautiful outside."

TorontoVerve: "Is there anyone in particular who inspires your style?"

Patrick: "Um, I find that a lot of people…or at least the way that I look at it…a lot of people judge me on being black. I feel like all they see is gangster so I'm trying to change that. When you dress nicely, people treat you better."

TorontoVerve: "That's sad. Do you think it's sad that you feel that way?"

Patrick: "Not sad. I grew up with white parents also. I worked at the Gap when I was younger so I always knew how to dress appropriately. Yes, it's pretty depressing that I can't dress anyway that I want because I get judged on it basically. I remember when I was in grade 11, I used to get pulled over by the police if I wore a baggy t-shirt and shorts. But when I walk down the street like this, they ask, 'how are you doing, sir?' There's actually a big difference. It's surprising. I want to change the stereotype. A lot of people think that black people are what they see portrayed on TV, in the movies or on the internet: gangsters who sell drugs and do bad things. But really, I have a great job and work 40 hours a week and I don't do drugs or anything like that."

TorontoVerve: "So what are the flowers for?"

Patrick: "I'm going on a date tonight. The flowers are a nice added touch. Every girl should get flowers."

TorontoVerve: "What's your favourite memory in life?"

Patrick: "I have a photography company and we run a charity. Once every 2 weeks, my friends and I all pitch in to buy a bunch of toothbrushes, socks and deodorant and we walk around downtown and hand them out to homeless people. Their happy faces are definitely memorable to me."

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