Saturday, December 28, 2013

Katie: The Mod with the Dragon Tattoo

"People tell me that I have a Girl with the Dragon Tattoo look, but I have more of a mod-leaning. So I'm the Mod with the Dragon Tattoo -- although I have no tattoos. I often emulate men's style. I have a very boyish body so I can do that. I love David Bowie and guys who have that audacity from the 70s. Bowie's thin white duke look inspires me. His dapperness is dishevelled but put together at the same time."

This is Katie's second appearance on TorontoVerve. Her cool boyish street style was first featured 2 years ago.


  1. Oh my - cute as all get out!
    Add a scooter and set yourself to following that squiggly fissure down that magical purple asphalted avenue!
    Mod eh?
    Toodle-Pip 'n Wotcha!

  2. amazing red boots...also haircut is killing us :)