Friday, December 13, 2013

Actress Alyssa Capriotti's SOLO Mission

Actress Alyssa Capriotti has been a huge horror fan since she was a kid so it makes perfect sense that she's starring in one.

Next Spring, she'll appear as a camp counsellor in Solo - the feature film debut of Degrassi's Annie Clark, who plays a young girl terrorized by a stranger on a remote island. The movie recently screened to a packed house at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival.

TorontoVerve met with Capriotti in the Annex to shoot street style and talk about her new success.

"It's really exciting to be in a horror movie," she says, "I remember my mom catching me watching Nightmare on Elm Street alone in the basement when I was 7 years old. She yelled, 'what are you watching?!'"

Capriotti has much to be excited about. Her next movie is a romantic comedy called Dirty Singles. "It's about a small community of couples -- their break ups and new relationships. I play a waitress who gets involved with a married man who's going through some complicated stuff."

Capriotti, whose background is Trinidadian and Italian, was quite animated talking about her film projects. One can easily see that she's living her childhood dream and to her credit, she's got a back-up plan. The young actress is also serious about education and is presently majoring in psychology at Ryerson University. "Acting may be my passion, but getting my undergraduate degree is also very important to me."

If Capriotti's optimism is any indication, 2014 will no doubt be a banner year for her.

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