Friday, September 13, 2013

TIFF Inspirations: The Library

The Library*
Midnight Madness
New Zealand 2013
North American Premiere
91 minutes - Colour
Cast: Mehdi Agahi

In the spirit of horror classics Creepshow and Twilight Zone: The Movie, comes The Library -- a frightening new anthology film, featuring a collection of short stories that take place in (you guessed it) a library.

An over-zealous librarian takes it way too personally when students fail to return their borrowed books on time in Overdue. During the course of an evening, he stalks and terrorizes his victims before finally reclaiming their textbooks. This darkly funny short takes the slasher genre in a fresh direction.

Patrick is an Elizabethan Poetry major and a hopeless romantic. In Sonnet, every night at 11pm, he meets up with Helena in a secluded part of the library to read poetry. But on this faithful night, things will take a turn for the macabre when Helena has a very strange request. Not for the faint of heart.

When Samantha wakes up in the library, she not only discovers that she's locked alone inside, but that she's being hunted by the same historical serial killers examined in her thesis. Thesis is a creepy nail-biter that is guaranteed to shock audiences.

If blood and mayhem is your thing, then The Library will certainly tickle you.

* This is my tribute to the Toronto International Film Festival. It is not a real film.

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