Thursday, September 13, 2012

TIFF 2012: Actor Simon J. Berger & Director Mikael Marcimain "Call Girl"

[Pictured above: Actor Simon J. Berger (left) & Director Mikael Marcimain (right)]

Don't let the salacious title fool you; Call Girl is a smart, engaging and multi-layered crime thriller by first-time director Mikael Marcimain.

Inspired by the prostitution scandal that nearly toppled the Swedish government in the 70's, the story centers on Stockholm detective John Sandberg (Simon J. Berger), who's close to cracking his case against Dagmar Glans, a Heidi Fleiss-type madam running a sophisticated prostitution ring. But every time he seeks assistance with his investigation from his department, he inexplicably runs into a road block.

Meanwhile, underaged girls, Iris (Sofia Karemyr) and Sonja (Josefin Asplund), are lured into Dagmar Glans' stable of girls with the promise of money and independence -- a huge departure from their current lives in a group foster home. Glans hooks the girls up with her most influential clients: politicians and police officials. The same public servants who tie Sandberg up in a lot of red tape.

If Sandberg is going to successfully close this case, it's going to take a miracle. And much to everyone's horror, that miracle just might be Iris' testimony in court.

Call Girl is two movies in one. First, it's a coming of age story, where the two young girls learn a hard lesson in self-respect and second, it's an intriguing police drama.

Marcimain's 70's backdrop is authentic and his first job directing is solid. Berger is convincing as the by-the-book cop.

Call Girl is an epic film with similar elements to another classic crime thriller, Serpico.

Highly recommended.

The film screens at TIFF again on Sunday, September 16th at 9pm, Scotiabank 3.

There is no word yet on an official release date.

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