Thursday, July 5, 2012

Daniel: Tartan Chic

"I don't see why guys should be limited to wearing shorts in summer.  That sucks.   I like wearing kilts.  This is my second pair.  I bought this one because it looks good with my eyes."

Aside from being a bicycle courier, Daniel also enjoys creating jewellery and clothing using metal.

"I hated being called an artist until I was accused of being a fashion designer."

Daniel doesn't have a website yet, but if you're interested in his custom work, email him at


  1. I love men in kilts or "man-skirts" if they are done right, like this guy has, pairing it with a simple shirt and sturdy boots. He's definitely got kick-ass style.

  2. Great style! I could never pull this look off, but he sure does! :)

  3. At least it matches. The four metres of wool may not be such a great alternative to cotton shorts