Saturday, December 17, 2011

Kallvis: Militaristic by Design

Kallvis stood out in Kensington Market wearing his futuristic military coat, which he personally designed.  "I always wanted a long trench, but it's usually very expensive.  Yes, if you ask me how much I would sell it for, I'd say $1000, but since I don't have $1000, I'll settle on making what I want."  

Kallvis debuted his first clothing line at this year's Toronto Fashion Week and he will be in the 'New Label' competition at next year's Toronto Fashion Incubator.  "People will be able to find my designs soon in stores."

For more details, you can visit Kallvis' website at


  1. I photographed Kallvis a few years ago. Funny how in a city of millions of people, it's the same stylish few that end up on all the street fashion blogs. :)