Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Art of Michael

We recently attended Walnut Studios' Holiday Art Show and Sale and among the 40 plus Toronto artists featured, we had the opportunity to meet Michael.

Michael Dimuccia is a local artist who paints ideas.  "Even though I can do portraits in oil -- a lot of the traditional stuff -- I'm now into surrealism dada (a form of abstract art).  It's collaging and using transfers."

Last month, Michael's art was featured at the Roncy Street Gallery's Super Naughty Show.  "I've taken classical renaissance paintings and added erotic images."  And in late January, he'll be showcasing his tribute art of Frankenstein and The Day the Earth Stood Still at the gallery's Amazing Sci-Fi Show.

"I like to experiment with dada and collages.  Often, there are a lot of happy accidents while I flip through magazines.  Cut outs accidentally fall on top of each other to create something cool."

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