Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cedric: Queen Street Hipster


  1. Great style, great pick.

  2. Wow - is the beret back? I had several once upon a time. That was almost 20 years ago when they were sported by everyone from dread-free dreads to wanna-be musicians on almost every Soho-if-only strip across North America. The shoes look like the know those feet well and I like that a chino pant may be back as well - it'd be good to see skinny jeans take a rest for a while. The many vivid color of the store fronts in the background and the tail end of that cab(?) are as diverse and vibrant as the many cultures Toronto always presents on any given day. The cracks in the concrete spell u-r-b-a-n and fit with the hipster vibe. Nice shot Nigel!