Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Brodie & Matt


  1. what a beautiful couple!
    nice shots!

  2. Matt looks a little scared? They are a beautiful couple says Brodie! (just teasing). Beautiful, candid shots. The 'happiness in love' on Brodie's face, in both pictures, is telling and sweet. Is she saying, "look at what I got..."

    Do you shoot anywhere else beside Yorkville, Leslieville and Queen? What about College, Forest Hill Village, Danforth, Bloorwest Village, Wychwood and it's wonderful new barns?

  3. Anna: Thanks for the comment and the recommendations where to shoot. I agree...those are wonderful places. On several occasions I've attempted to find someone to photograph there, but it's been hit and miss. I'm pleased to say that I was successful shooting on College (click the "College St." tag to view) and there are more photos to come soon.

    The reason you see many photos from Yorkville in particular is because I work in the area and it's more accessible. Some other places I plan to visit again soon are Ashbridges Bay, Liberty Village, and Yonge & Eglinton.

    Keep checking. I'm confident those places will appear soon.