Saturday, April 10, 2010

Making Up Taylor

My camera wasn't the only one that Taylor posed for today. She was just coming back from a photo shoot -- hence the wild make-up.


  1. The whole look is chic! I love the colours of the scarf. I was wondering what was on her forehead but it looks neat in the close up!

  2. She looks fantastic and could probably walk around town like that and start something crazy re: costume make-up. Were you in Yorkville? OK, maybe another neighbourhood.
    Beautiful photo.

  3. Thank you for our comment.
    Your Blog is quite nice. Perhaps one day I'll put on my Hermes "Les Giraffes" 90cm Silk Twill as an asymmetrical top, paired with black baggy jeans, and some bad-ass combat boots and strut around York Ville in hopes of stumbling across you to be featured on your blog.